Build Team

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

The build team by far has the most amount of people, but with organization and split of jobs everyone has something to do. The build system is about four steps: designing, discussion, build, and testing.

What does it mean? Core vs. Alternate

The limit per team is 15 according to FTC rules. But with a large number of students interested in being in Robtics Club at RB a Core team and Alternate team was created. A core team member is allowed to compete at competitions but must be commited to showing up when asked, work productively with others, and be respectful to everyone. While an alternate team member is able to participate in workshops and attend half of the meetings a week but are not allowed to physically touch the robot. They are allowed of course to share their ideas with other people on the alternate team.

Build Team Members & Coaches

Mr. Bowen

Mr. Bowen is the senior vice president of strategic at FCB Global and is Avery and Bridget’s father as well as another one of our team’s coaches. He guides the team through challenges and competitions by helping us think outside the box when prototyping, building, and coding. Mr. Bowen also plays the piano, saxophone, and the harmonica, and enjoys sailing with his daughters, and his wife.

Mrs. Bowen

Mrs. Bowen is an executive realty assistant and is Avery and Bridget’s mother as well as the team’s coach. She teaches the team about the real-world skills side of robotics, from presenting to writing to problem solving. Mrs. Bowen also sings, writes, and enjoys sailing with her daughters, and her husband.


AJ has been a member for three years now and decided to join our team because he had an interest in building robots and some of his friends were in the club. Some of his goals after high school are going into the medical field to help treat people. His passions are playing alto and soprano saxophone, video games, and going on walks.

Isabella (Core)

Isabella is a junior on the Bionic Bulldogs, this is her third year on robotics with the build team, and helping with outreach programs. Alongside robotics, she is also involved with music and art programs. In her free time she likes working with traditional and digital art, experimenting with animation, working with audio technology in the theatre program, and is a violist in the school’s chamber orchestra. She would like to incorporate the skills she develops in robotics with her ambition of someday working in 2D/3D animation, or game design, as a professional career.


Josh has been on the team for three years. He had also been on his middle school team for two years. He wanted to join the team here because he thinks Robotics is a fun and creative way to learn and practice new engineering skills. It is also a great way to meet people who have similar interests. He plans to study computer science or engineering, and then work in that field. In his free time, Josh enjoys programming, lighting for theatre, mentoring middle school robotics, and spending time with his family and friends.


Lukas has been on the RBHS robotics team for three years. Prior to RB, he was on the Hauser robotics team for two years. Lukas decided to join the robotics team because he liked robotics and he wanted to continue his experience from middle school. After high school, Lukas aims to major in mechanical engineering in college. Outside of robotics, Lukas works part-time as a graphic designer at a print shop.


This is Max’s 3rd year on the robotics team. He joined the team when he was new to the school and wanted to make friends with people of the same hobbies. He plans to go to college to get an engineering degree and get an internship his freshman year. His hobbies include playing video games with his friends, 3d modeling, circuit prototyping, and programming.


This is Wyatt’s fourth year in robotics as a senior this year. He decided to join our team because he has had an interest in computers for a long time and wanted to find a community that has the same interest as him. He plans to go to Triton for two years and then transfer to a four year college to further his education. Other hobbies he has are learning about history, music as a whole and computers.