Sponsors & Donors
A little help goes a long way!

Current Sponsors

Our current sponsors include: The Riverside Bank, The North Riverside Library, LaBarra, Phoenix Systems & Services, Inc., REX Electric & Technologies, and Engineering Plus.

Want to become a sponsor?

Donate a minimum of 25 dollars to become an official sponsor! To get your company's name on the back of our shirts which we all wear to competitions and outreach events donate at least 500 dollars. Anything over 2,500 dollars and your company name or actual name will be displayed on our robot as well!

Click here for details about our donation tiers.

Riverside Bank
North Riverside Library
Phoenix Systems & Services,Inc
REX Electric & Technologies
Engineering Plus


Why is donating important?

The Bionic Bulldogs are funded by our high school, RBHS, but our primary funding comes from donations from generous donors and sponsors. With your help, we can enable RB high school students to close this skills gap, giving them the chance to learn and use the same engineering processes and techniques used by industry professionals and high-end manufacturers!

Want to donate?

To donate, please contact weisss@rbhs208.net