Code Team

Few, but mighty intelligent

The code team, although smaller than the build team, is key to the robot's performance in autnomous and general remote controls. This year, instead of using stratch as the main programming language, the Bionic Bulldogs switched completely to Java with the OnBot IDE. This switch made making changes more efficient and opened up opportunities to do new things, as well as the ability to share our code on the internet and with other teams/allies.

Our code is hosted on GitHub

 Github Link

What does it mean? Core vs. Alternate

The limit per team is 15 according to FTC rules. But with a large number of students interested in being in Robtics Club at RB a Core team and Alternate team was created. A core team member is allowed to compete at competitions but must be commited to showing up when asked, work productively with others, and be respectful to everyone. While an alternate team member is able to participate in workshops and attend half of the meetings a week but are not allowed to physically touch the robot. They are allowed of course to share their ideas with other people on the alternate team.

Code Team Members


Salma has been on this team for three years, and she decided to join because she loved the environment of the team. Her goals for her future include getting into college, getting a cat, and playing bass clarinet in an orchestra. Her hobbies include participating in Boy Scouts, playing the bass clarinet, and reading.


Zach has been on the RB robotics team for four years. He wanted to join because he wanted to learn more about coding and try something new that was STEM-related. In the future, he wants to research high-energy/quantum physics in a graduate setting. He enjoys reading, coding, listening to and playing music, and writing.

Mr.Weiss (Coach)

Mr. Weiss is a physics teacher during the day at RB and the team’s coach after school. He loves superheroes, snacks, and talking in a monotone voice. Mr. Weiss was the assistant coach to his previous school’s FTC team and is excited to bring his knowledge to the Bionic Bulldogs.